Are you a Technology Provider?

FITEDIH’s core business is to connect our beneficiary SMEs and PublicService Organisations with the relevant technology solutions from the Centru Regional, national and international level.

Do you have a technology solution from the fields of: Manufacturing, E-Health and Smart City and want to advertise your solution to our FIT EDIH Communities?

FIT EDIH can help you

Showcase your digital technology solution and get clients from SMEs and Public Service Organisations from your organisation

By becoming part of our FIT EDIH Technology Portfolio, registering for our Open Calls and becoming a FIT EDIH Technology Provider, you will:
Get your technology solution registered within the biggest database of technology solutions for the Centru Region
Receive opportunities to showcase your solution through webinars, live demonstrations and other experimentation opportunities
Get connected with SMEs and Public Service Organisations who are interested in acquiring the typeof digital solution that you are offering
Promote your technical solutions for a SMEs and Public Service organisations planning to apply for funding projects from grants and investments totalling 4,5 million euros in5 years
Gain visibility, new customers and get yourself known in the Regional Ecosystem
If you want to become part of FIT EDIH’s Technology Portofolio you must follow the following steps:  

Step 1 - Register

Register in our FIT EDIH Technology Portofolio Database through our Open Calls!

FIT EDIH will be launching periodic OpenCalls to select a new Technology Providers who demonstrate their technologies to Centru Region SMEs and Public Service Organizations. You can register your solution in the FIT EDIH Technology Portofolio Database if you have a solution for SMEs or Public Administration, and in particular if it is focused on the fields of Manufacturing, E-Health and Smart City.  You will be able to register for our Open Calls from an accessible and easy form, with clear selection criteria and timelines for the selection procedure

Step 2 - Become

Become an official FIT EDIH Technology Provider

Official FIT EDIH Technology Providers will be presented in our catalogue and get the chance to have a close engagement with our SME and Public Service Organization beneficiaries. We will offer FIT EDIH Beneficiaries the possibility to receive a carefully curated list of services from our three Curriculum Tracks under two membership levels

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CEO / Creative IT

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CEO / Creative IT

Official FIT EDIH Technology Providers can promote their solutions through the following services:

  • FIT EDIH Official Technology Portfolio
  • Match-making events
  • Open Innovation Challenges
  • Technology Discovery webinars on each of our 3domains: Manufacturing, E-Health, Smart City
  • Demonstration, Testing and ExperimentationWorkshops
  • Digital Skills Workshops

Do you want to advertise your technology solution to hundreds of SMEs/Public Administration entities in Centru Region?

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