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FIT EDIH has a broad European ecosystem including endorsement from several EIT networks including EIT Manufacturing, EIT InnoEnergy and EIT Urban Mobility, as well as EDIH networks and projects including BOWI, Smart Agri Hubs and DIH^2.

EIT Manufacturing

Starting from June 2020 Iceberg Plus, FIT EDIH’s orchestrator, is representing EIT Manufacturing in Romania and during this experience the hub managed to promote and involve different stakeholders from national level in the activities of EIT Manufacturing, organising a series of events with participants from different domains. The purpose of the whole project is to consolidate the existing partnerships, to implement new outreach activities in at least 2 new regions of Romania and to create new synergies between EIT Manufacturing and strategies/policies of national and regional stakeholders.

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EIT Urban Mobility

Starting from October 2021, Iceberg Plus, FITEDIH’s orchestrator, is also managing the EIT Urban Mobility Romania Hub, seeking to capitalize innovations on urban mobility that meet the current challenges of cities, connecting them and involving them in the activities of the hub. The main purpose of the hub is to ultimately provide knowledge, partners and access to funding, new projects, initiatives and other opportunities.

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BOWI is a network of Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe, funded through Horizon 2020 that aims to fill regional disparities concerning digital maturity through a complex process of knowledge and best practices sharing between mature DIHs and emerging ones. With the ultimate goal to foster DIH cross-border colaboration, BOWI offers up to 4,8 million euros to fund 60 technology transfer experiments for SMEs in the DIH ecosystem. Iceberg, as Orchestrator of FITEDIH, coordinates the open call piloting in the Region, as well as the mentoring for selected technology transfer experiments.

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Smart Agri Hubs

With Iceberg as its orchestrator, FIT EDIH has become a member of the SmartAgriHubs H2020 instrument project with the aim of realizing the digitisation of European agriculture, fostering an agricultural innovation ecosystem dedicated to excellence, sustainability and success. FITEDIH also won through the RESTART Open Call cascade funding for organizing a hackathon for 50 cattle farmers from one of Romania’s biggest cattle associations, with the purpose of testing its DIH services, promoting and helping farmers, vets and technology providers to co-develop digitization solutions that increase the resilience of this sub-sector.

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DIH^2 Network

DIH^2 is a network of 25 Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe, funded through Horizon 2020, that aims to generate innovation that maximises productivity and optimises agility in manufacturing SMEs by use of robotics with the ultimate goal to drive economic growth across the EU. To achieve this, the DIH 2 Network offers equity-free funding of up to 248.000 E for ambitious robotics transformation projects for manufacturing SMEs. Iceberg, as Orchestrator of FIT EDIH, conducs communication and dissemination activities, in order to raise awareness and increase participation in the open calls for proposals concerning Manufacturing SMEs.

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Enterprise Europe

Through the project, and in particular the involvement of FIT EDIH’s consortium members Iceberg Plus and ASIMCOV in EEN, we offer internationalization services and opportunities for partnerships, financing and cooperation to SMEs in the Centru region. This project covers the activity of internationalization and organization of networking events for SMEs.

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RODIH Network

FIT EDIH is part of the Romanian EDIH network (RODIH). RODIH is the representative association of Romanian DIHs, which acts as a catalyst for innovation, but also a platform for the agenda of common policies among regional DIHs in the country in relation to local, regional, national andEuropean public bodies.

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