European Digital Innovation Hubs should act as facilitator to bring together the industry, businesses and administrations which are in need of new technological solutions on one side, with companies, notably start-ups and SMEs that have market-ready solutions on the other side.



Regional Needs Discovery

FIT EDIH will organize periodic regional events in each of the 6 counties of the Centru Region in order to come meet regional SMEs and Public Service Organizations, understand their digitalisation needs, pains, hurdles, as well as promote our EDIH services and the opportunities we bring from the Smart City, Manufacturing, eHealth domains.

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Creating the FIT EDIH Technology Portofolio

FIT EDIH can become a good broker if we do regular technology scouting, in order to map the innovation ecosystem, and understand needs, opportunities and the offer of digital solutions and technologies for regional companies.

Are you a technology provider and want to become part of the FIT  EDIH Technology Portfolio?

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Find your match in the digital ecosystem

No company can innovate alone. This match-making and Open Innovation type service will help companies by bringing them into contact with technology providers relevant for their digitalisation trajectory, including start-ups with innovative solutions.

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FIT collaboration in the EDIH, EEN, EIT and other EU digitalisation networks

When suitable local partners may not be found, the hubs can network with other EDIHs to find a matching partner elsewhere in Europe. Active engagement with EU EDIH, DE and innovation networks and developing structural relationships with policy makers and other relevant stakeholders will help FIT EDIH to contribute to the European Digital Innovation Hub network.

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Digitisation and innovation policy alignment through stakeholder network

Structured relationships with regional, national authorities, industrial clusters, SME associations, business development agencies, incubators accelerators, will greatly help the brokering function of FIT EDIH and help tap into funding and other policy alignment opportunities, supporting Centru Region and Romania’s digitalisation.

Lead by ULBS
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