What is FIT DIH?

Futures of Innovation Technology

Our mission is to provide 131 SMEs and 17 Public Service Organizations with the perfect support services to enable them to increase their digital maturity within the next 5 years. In doing so, we aim to successfully trigger over 4 million euros in funding for our beneficiaries.

FIT DIH is the only European Digital Innovation Hub from the Center Region, Romania

Our vision is for a Centru Region where organisations are empowered with the right understanding about digital technologies, to imagine and play with different versions of the future. We believe such foresight is empowering and we believe in a Centru Region whereSMEs, Public Organisations, and all actors are empowered to determine in which future they want to be part of.  We believe that FIT European Digital Innovation Hub is the most powerful enabler of this vision over the innovation ecosystem of the Centru Region.

Our method is to create a carefully curated list of services, technologies and testing facilities that can help both organisations with a low level of digital maturity as well as those more advanced ones to discover and grow into their desired digital future. FIT DIH’s core theme is therefore to enable organisations from the Centru Region to use foresight and decision making powers to reach the future in which we want to live.

History of FIT DIH

FIT EDIH is the result of the fusioning of two consortia of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) from the Centru Region which passed the national selection phase, namely FIT DIH and LAB4COM. The two consortia decided to join forces for the second selection phase, namely that of becoming part of the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) network and receiving co-funding from the Digital Europe Programme. 


ALT BV Cluster, founding member of FIT EDIH, was identified among the first 3 DIHs in Romania by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission, and published in its catalog. 


Between 2017-2019, future FIT DIH members (ALT BV and ASIMCOV) participate in technical assistance programs focused on supporting the development DIHs, knowledge transfer and competencies in these organisations. Examples include ALT BV participation in “Smart Factories in New EU Member States”, ASIMCOV’s development of InnoHub as part of DIHELP, benefiting from technical assistance from IMP3ROVE for the development of the DIH business model. 


Between 2018-2019, future FIT DIH orchestrator ICE participated in the European Commission pilot project Digitalize SME in Romania, focused on match-making SMEs to digitalization experts with the purpose of setting up a network of digital enablers (experts in digital transformation of SMEs from EU member states) and implementing pilot digital transformation projects.


In 2020, FIT DIH was founded by ICE, AICAR, ASIMCOV (representing the iNNoHUB ecosystem), AMB, CNIPMMR and ALTBV and organized 4 Entrepreneurial Discovery Processes in key regional sectors in order to map regional digitalization needs for digitalization services. 


FITEDIH has developed its services through membership, network partnership orcollaboration with other Horizon 2020 projects, CSAs and other initiatives, including Agrobofood, DIH World, Digitalise SME or DIHNET.eu, I4MS DIH network, Leadership4SMEs,BOWI.

LAB4COM - History

In parallel, LAB4COM DIH is the result of sustained effortsinitiated by ULBS since 2015, starting with the local technology and manufacturing community from Sibiu County that turned into Sibiu Smart Systems (EU-recognized DIH in H2020).

By August 2020, at the time of the national DIH selection phase, the LAB4COM consortium grew by including the smart city and health community from two more counties (Alba, Brașov). Collaboration based on funded projects (EU, national, industry) orchestrated primarily by ULBS’ Connected Intelligence ResearchCentre (INCON) team as well as resources from the 1,2 mil. € private-funded Hasso Plattner Knowledge Transfer Centre (within ULBS) were the main drivers for this development. After successfully passing the national selection round for becoming part of the European Digital Innovation Hub network, the LAB4COMDigital Innovation Consortium and the FIT Digital Innovation Hub Consortium fusioned in October 2021 under the FIT EDIH brand. After successfully applying together for the European call in February 2022, we were officially announced in June 2022 about being selected to be part of the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) network and to receive 50% funding from the Digital Europe Program!