Are you a local Public Service Organisation?

Our mission is to empower 17 Public Service Organisations (municipalities, public utility companies, public hospitals) to increase their digital maturity level by 2026.

This is because FIT EDIH serves as the regional point of contact for all matters digital. Irrespective of whether you would like to learn more about the possibilities offered by digital technologies, develop a personalised digital transformation strategy for your organisation or obtain a financing plan for your desired technology, we have the right service for you! We offer our services to ambitious Public Service Organisations from the Centru Region who work in two relevant domains: Smart City and E-Health.

We are your Pubic Service Organisations guide to digital transformation!

By becoming part of our FIT EDIH Community, registering for our Open Calls and becoming a beneficiary.

You will gain a better understanding of:

Which digital technologies which are relevant for your business and sector
Match-making with the right technology providers for your business
How and which digital technologies can help your company become more efficient
A digital transformation roadmap for increasing the digital skills of your company’s management
How digital technologies work, by attending our demonstration services or testing them in your own company
Training workshops for increasing your company’s digital skills
A short – medium– long term plan for your company’s digital transformation
Insights about all the funding opportunities available for the digitalisation of your business
How to develop new products or services based on digital technologies
Training courses to prepare you for accessing grants and investments
Internationalisation support through our EEN partners
Dedicated support for applying for grants and investments
Access to a broadEuropean Ecosystem of European Digital Innovation Hubs, experts, projects
If you want to collaborate with us, access our services and embark
on a digital transformation journey, you must follow the following steps:
Register in our FIT EDIH Community Database
We offer our services to ambitious Public Service Organisations from the Centru Region who register in our FIT EDIH Community under one of our three groups: Manufacturing, E-Health and Smart City.  
FIT EDIH Community Database members receive EXCLUSIVE information about the latest technologies.

So register in our FIT EDIH Community to start your journey with us!
Talk to an Expert
  • Our Calls for FIT EDIH beneficiaries
  • FIT EDIH’s In-person Regional Events (which we will be organising in each district - please stay tuned!)
  • Our online Discovery Webinars for Technologies, Digital Skills,  Match-Making and Access to Finance opportunities
  • News and insights into the latest developments in Centru Region’s digitalisation ecosystem!
Register to become a FIT EDIH beneficiary though our open calls!
FIT EDIH will be launching periodic Open Calls to select a new group of beneficiaries who can benefit from our services. FIT EDIH’s resources are limited, so we will only be able to serve a limited number of beneficiaries who will be able to receive services based on the public financing received by FITEDIH. You will be able to register for our Open Calls from an accessible and easy form, with clear selection criteria and timelines for the selection procedure,

The FIT EDIH Call will open for our FIT EDIH Community members!
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Become a FIT EDIH Beneficiary

FIT EDIH beneficiaries who have successfully passed the selection from the Open Calls phase will get the chance to have a close engagement with us for the next 6-12 months. We will offer FIT EDIH Beneficiaries the possibility to receive a carefully curated list of services from our three Curriculum Tracks under two membership levels:

Flexible Digital Transformation Level  which enables access to FIT EDIH’s:

  • A Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Demonstration, Testing and Experimentation Workshops
  • Match-making sessions with
  • Digital Skills Workshops
  • Financing Call - information
  • Connecting to the Innovation Ecosystem
  • Testing and experimenting with digital technologies
  • Access to digital skills
  • Access to finance
This is the right track for you if you:
  • You want to know the level of digitalisation for your organisation
  • You want to explore and learn about digital
  • Want to pick-and-choose your services
  • You’re looking for specific information on certain technologies, skills, financing opportunities
  • You’re looking for a flexible engagement model with FIT EDIH

Advanced Digital Transformation Level to walk you through the three most important phases for an authentic digital transformation of your company:

  • Technology - Prioritising core technologies that are right for your business and developing a roadmap for digital transformation
  • Human Centric Digitalisation - Develop an upskilling or re-skilling plan for your staff, redesigning the processes of your organisation
  • Financing -Developing a Digital Business Model plan to finance your new digital business model
This is the right track for you if you:
  • All the services from the FIT EDIH Community Database and Flexible Digital Transformation Track
  • Personalised support from Digital Enables during 3 carefully curated Advanced Digital Transformation Workshops, which help you select the right technologies for your company, create an upskilling and a digital business model plan

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CEO / Creative IT

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