Smart City

FIT EDIH has set out the strategic, operational and financial premises needed to  accelerate the process of digital transformation in the economy and society of the Centru Region of Romania. Through the project proposed under the Digital Europe Programme, but also through its overall approach, FIT DIH will have a direct impact on the competitiveness of sectors and  public services in its core 3 tracks (Manufacturing, Smart City and eHealth).

What's our goal?

We aim to improve theRegional  Competitiveness Index (RCI) for the Centru Region (ranked 249/268 in 2019) through the our experience in innovation.

Beyond indexes and rankings, our work will have an specific positive impact on regional  SMEs/PSOs through:

  • a)establishing of new business and value creation models
    b)increasing  proportion of digital first SMEs/PSOs in regional economy,
    c)improving use of resources and thus reduce waste through use of digital platforms and technologies,
    d)automation of repetitive and non core-business/administrative tasks and processes,
    e)improvement of decision making models/introduction of data driven decision models,
    f)reducing business liabilities by eliminating cyber threats, e)improving client/citizen journeys and create more inclusive services,
    g)reduce CO2 footprint of  economic and administrative activities.  

The Smart City Curriculum Track

will increase the competitiveness of local Public Administrations and SMEs by helping  cities operate more efficiently in order to increase the quality of life for their citizens and  environmental sustainability. Also, regarding the smart destination and the implementation of  the tourism 4.0 concept, this new paradigm reconsiders local citizens as stakeholders and enables collaboration between all of them.

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